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Weekly Accomplishments

This thread is to share our weekly accomplishments as Writers. Sometimes it’s not easy to share what we do with our friends, family, or social media followers because either they’re not writers or they just don’t know how to relate.

If you want a place to just share what you’ve been up to in the writing world this is it.

So…SHARE! What did you accomplish this week.


Accomplishments from last week and this week so far(the 3rd week of february)

  1. My ghost writing client for a screenplay agreed with the plot twist I came up with and we’re proceeding
  2. Landed my first Copywriting assignment and sent off the Sample draft(with help from Joes Writers Club:) )
  3. In the middle of making a proposal for my second try at writing a book for someone!

What have you accomplished?


An excellent idea.

I just polished a story for Our Corporate Gothic Resource.
I’ve been recovering from my second Moderna shot for about a week. That throws me off big time.
Currently, I’m doing some writing on a novel I usually only write while I’m in Florida. I can do some chapters that don’t need me to be in Florida for inspiration.
On March first, I’m going to start reading my latest novel over. It’s been sitting for a few weeks so I can put some time between finishing it and looking at it again.

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Week of March 3rd.
Began to read and edit The Seven Deaths of Emily Briggs. This is for Monday through Friday.
On the weekends, I’m writing new chapters of Blood On The Sand. This is my Florida novel, and I may not get to Florida this year. I’ve decided to write it in New Jersey because it needs to be finished.


Great stuff!! Super cool to hear about the novel too!

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Hope Jersey can provide the environment you need to complete it🙏🏻

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It’s a real challenge. Jersey is just not Florida. I do believe I have enough local color and atmosphere from previous Florida vacations to concentrate on the story itself. That I can do anywhere.

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