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Welcome to Joe’s Writers’ Club

       Welcome and thank you for your interest in joining other writers to enhance your skills and meet others with similar interests. Joe’s Writers’ Club (JWC) identifies its group-based learning program as the XYZ-Accelerator. When you become an active Accelerator participant, you can not only expect feedback on your writing, but also opportunities to participate in competitions, paid writing assignments, and several other programs currently in development. Whether your interest is blogging, writing short stories, full length novels, non-fiction works, or another word-based project, we believe the XYZ-Accelerator will become your preferred means to become a better writer.

       If you spend much of your day writing a blog, articles, stories, or other such effort, we encourage you to continue your efforts as you participate. If you have yet to start a blog or other endeavor, we can help you to start.

Our Goals

       The Accelerator program seeks to raise the writing skills of all who participate. The basis for our program is the work group. Our work groups, led by experienced writers, offer you the opportunity to improve your writing skills, assist others to improve their skills, and learn from those who have shown expertise in your chosen genre. Our intention is to limit work groups to between 6 and 12 people to encourage individual participation.

The Accelerator Program offers the following:

       · Genre/project-based work groups

       · Live Feed Events

       · Workshops (open to all)

       · Forums (by invitation based on genre and skill level)

       · Collaborative documents – scripts, mysteries,

Future projects include the following:

       · Writing competitions

       · E-zine publications featuring member submissions

       · Possible paid work assignments

       · Joe’s Writers’ Club online store.

              Sell your article or book for less cost than on Amazon. We also hope to offer you a discounted means of printing small quantities of your book.

       · Crowdfunding.

               If you believe your project may have sizable audience, a crowdfunding platform may provide the capital you need to finish your project. JWC plans to either provide assistance internally or offer referrals to proven crowdfunding veteran consultants.

Membership Levels

       The XYZ-Accelerator program anticipates two levels of membership; a basic level and a premium level. Joe’s Writers’ Club management seeks to offer a costless basic level of membership. If adequate grants, advertising, and other revenue sources are available, basic membership will remain free. Alternatives include voluntary or required dues.

       Premium membership will provide members with one-on-one writing feedback and tutoring. If you are looking for personalized help with your writing, JWC’s writing professionals are available to consult.

How We Operate

       When you join the Accelerator program, you want to select a group. The groups identify by writing genre. The groups, and their new member acceptance status, are listed here. You may belong to more than one group though you must designate one as your primary group.

       One of the functions of the group is to evaluate the writing skills of the group members. The evaluation will allow the group leader to identify individual needs. Participants exhibiting proficiency will receive recognition via a level designation. New members will begin as Level 1 writers until evaluated. Group leaders will conduct evaluations every other month.

       As the organization grows, groups will identify by genre and skill level.

       JWC tasks group leaders with three principal functions. They include improve your writing, encourage you to write more, and keep you current on organizational activities. JWC also tasks group leaders with supporting the organization’s code of conduct (see Paperwork Section).

       Groups will use Google docs as a means of collaborating and commenting. Google docs allows the group members to recommend changes to a document and add comments. The program tracks who made each comment or change and when.

       As your skills and interests become known to group leaders, you may receive an invite to collaborate on company projects that match your interests.

       The XYZ-Accelerator may conduct periodic company-wide meetings. Some will be regularly scheduled updates while others will introduce changes to the existing programs, policies, and/or practices.


       Every organization requires paperwork. Our terms of service agreement is every bit as unreadable as every other TOS you have never read. Our lawyers insist that you agree with it to participate. We have two other documents that require your agreement.

       Writing can become very expressive. JWC encourages members to write about subjects that can evoke emotion. Emotion helps many writers to clarify their thoughts. There needs to be a common understanding that the people with whom we share our writing respect our expression. If we are going to make this work, we all need to be respectful in dealing with each other.

       We also need all participants to recognize that our focus is the writing of adults. Unless otherwise noted, our writers’ groups may deal with adult themes. Groups focused on adult themes will be identified as such. But there can be no assurance that all other groups will contain nothing more risqué than PG rated material. If you find certain content offensive, you are welcome to join another group. Within reason, Joe’s Writers’ Group will not censure participants based on their subject matter.

       The Code of Conduct is your affirmation that you understand and intend to abide by the ground rules of an adult writer organization. It also affirms our organization’s ability to ban those who repeatedly choose to violate the culture we seek to promote.

       Our second agreement should be self-explanatory and obvious. Plagiarism is a violation of mutual trust and may result in a civil lawsuit. If you want to share the work of others, club rules require that you obtain permission in writing. Our NDA Agreement requires your signature.

Thank you

       We hope you have found this introduction informative and easy to follow. Your feedback on ways to improve this Welcome Section are welcome. Please send comments to

       Once you accept the three required agreements, you can select a group. You can expect a questionnaire inquiring about your writing experience, interests, and related activities. This information will provide an introduction for your group leader. The questionnaire will accompany your welcome letter.

We welcome your interest in writing.