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What I learned from JWC

You know how it is with writing. An ocean of content framed by an endless horizon of digital possibilities. How does one stand out amidst this enormity?

Reach into otherness with JWC Writers Accelerator. Our club atmosphere is ever seeking episodic satisfaction, setting goals for today while dreaming of tomorrow.
Share in our community and vital creative obsessions, and so immerse yourself in a muse collective of talented minds. Further augment your already sizable writing output with our projects, contests, and workshops.

We cannot guarantee that you will be a better writer, but we can promise that you will be a different writer than you were, and that is the key to every door. Check out our workshops and feel free to teach and learn with us.


I enjoy meeting with the individuals in my group. They are all well-read, and I appreciate the level of critical thinking that they bring to our conversations. Sharing my writing and getting feedback on a monthly basis helped me become more aware of my blind spots and more confident in my abilities. Hearing about their writing projects and listening to their work is exciting. Essentially, being a member of JWC helped me write better stories and move closer to my writing goals.