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What is Corporate Gothic?

Originally published at: What is Corporate Gothic? – Joe's Writers' Club

As members of Joe’s Writers’ Club club threw the term “Corporate Gothic” around, again and again, I became mystified. I agreed with the consensus – that the literary genre projects something “corporate” in the setting or conflict – and gothic elements like suspense and mystery in the style; yet, at the repeated mention of “gothic”, I paused. I was excited about the project, but I felt dizzy. Pulled into a dream state, I couldn’t explain what I couldn’t explain. It was a paradox at play, and grappling with a contradiction in terms, I couldn’t understand the meaning of “gothic” because the meaning of “gothic”, I now realize, cannot be fully understood. As I conducted google searches and followed Wiki links, I was trying to solve the unsolvable, explain the inexplicable, and locate a technical definition for a non-technical term. While my exploration resulted in less-than-substantial findings, I did come across some interesting tidbits along the way. The countless meanings for the term “gothic” include a germanic people, a style of architecture, a typeface, a subculture, a music scene, a fashion statement, in addition to the literary genre! Like the “gothic” typeface, “corporate gothic” has its own font, I noticed, and…