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What's Your Point (of View)?

Originally published at: What’s Your Point (of View)? – Joe's Writers' Club

By Tom Tiernan The power of your story can be enhanced or destroyed by how you present it. This presentation is the Character’s Point of View. There are three major points Of view and a host of others that are not often used. Here’s a quick rundown of these three points of view and three minor ones. 1) First Person: This view uses “I” and “Me” in its narrative form. The character is actually telling the story. We only know what they have seen, and they have to be present in all of the critical scenes in the story. Example: I didn’t kill Margaret, but the cops were still looking for me. 2) Omniscient Narrator: Here we have the exact opposite of First Person. With this point of view, we see and hear everything, both relevant and extraneous. The choice of what to include is yours. You can be as lengthy as Proust or as sparse as Hemingway. Example: George knew full well who killed Margaret, but he wouldn’t tell the cops. Mrs. Gray would have known he talked, and she would have had him killed. 3) Limited Third Person: Your story is clean and unobstructed by fancy language. Readers get to steep themselves…

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