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Writing Corporate Gothic Stories

On these new corporate gothic stories that many of us are writing, is anyone using a new approach or tweaking the old process?
I’m fluctuating between heavy outlining and improvisational segments and am finding the process more enjoyable. Too much intensity from me runs the risk of resulting in a choppy narrative. So, I’m making a point to keep it light, when it comes to the articulation. With this cycle, i’m focusing my energies on the outline and keeping all syntax questions to the very end.


I’m going to be tweaking the old process while cutting down on length in order to draw in the audience for a nice succinct story with a good amount of back story added to explain the plot line and refine the character development. Outlining is great avenue to take when working with something new or an edit.
B. Lawrence


Please define The Old Process and The New Approach. I’m not aware of a new approach. If there is one, I’ll take a stab at it.