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Writing during the pandemic

Hi folks! I’m curious to start a larger conversation here about being productive during this pandemic.

For instance, I find for me, it’s been really touch and go. Specifically, I had the opportunity to present an older play (wrote ten years ago) on Zoom and it’s now being professionally produced for a “live rewatch” in November with some top tier Broadway actors. That’s amazing–and an opportunity I’m not sure would have happened without the pandemic.

On the other hand, I’m looking at a bulletin board of projects that I’ve neglected due to general distraction of this turbulent year. A lot of energy is spent being worried about our politics and some of the larger issues we are facing as a country.

I wanted to send along this Vox article, as it also specifies “embracing being unproductive.” How have you guys found this year to be? Are there times when you’re committed to NOT writing and okay with it? A famous quote I once read was, “Write or don’t write, but commit to whichever one you choose.”

As someone who produces a lot of work regularly, I have slowed down this year and am trying to be okay with it. Just curious how that has settled with you guys, who all seem to be busy with work, and how you’ve dealt with it psychologically.

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I’ve actually gotten more Writing done in the last 12 months. Confinement means more time to Write. It’s that or sleeping.